Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

Sun Tzu

That’s right sports fan! After the overwhelming success of 1st Season of IRC Interviews; I, your favorite villain, have endeavored to bring some vital signs back to the insipid body politic of IRC!

So pull up your socks and behold!! The Management of #bahawalpur presents to you, the first IRC Uno Championship; commencing from March 5th, 2020.

So without further ado, let me Delve right into the details!


  • There will be 20 players and 4 rounds including the Final
  • First two rounds will be 1v1 knockout match where winners will go to the next round, NO PLACE for the loser!
  • 3rd round will be a league system where Top 2 players will qualify for final
  • Each match of each round is computer generated and random, without any input or bias from the organizers
  • 1v1 match will be a “Best of 3 games”, with the player winning two games prevailing to next round



  1. Players MUST NOT miss your scheduled match. If you expect to be unavailable because of any unavoidable reason, you must notify one of the organizers well before time or you will be disqualified and a walk-over will be given to the competitors (RSVP: LaAdLa, Dauntless, Mariam` or Anaarkali).
  2. If a player stops a game (for ANY reason), the game will be forfeited and win will be awarded to the competitor. [Note: Only referee/admin can stop the game if need be]
  3. Spectators are not allowed to chat during the match; violators will be banned for the length of the tournament (or more)
  4. If you remain idle during a game and miss your turn, you will forfeit the game. You may contact the organizers to contest (with screenshot evidence of connection timeout)
  5. If a player deliberately joins a game which he is not scheduled for, he will be DQed from the tournament
  6. The decision of the referee will be final; no appeals allowed against it
  7. Any/every decision made by the organizers in real time will be binding on all the players / spectators!


This is the first tournament of its kind on IRC. I think all the readers can appreciate that it is not easy to organize, given the constraints we have to overcome. Availability of players, differing time zones, enforcement of rules, maintaining order, keeping it organized and interesting are but a few among many challenges we have to face.

Therefore, we don’t expect this activity to be flawless, we just want it to be FUN!!

So do your best to be punctual, obey the rules and uphold the spirit of the game as discussed earlier, to the best of your ability!

Good luck and God speed!



  1. Congrats for the winner of first two matches i.e dhoop-chaoon & mystique..

    I am damn sure the losers will take revenge in the next season i.e IRC UNO TOURNAMENT MARCH 2021 😀

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